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Core Knowledge® School

Boulder Creek Elementary School is a Core Knowledge® school.

The "Core Knowledge" movement is an educational reform based on the premise that a grade-by-grade core of common learning is necessary to ensure a sound and fair elementary education.

The movement was started by Professor E. D. Hirsch, Jr., author of Cultural Literacy and The Schools We Need, and is based on a large body of research in cognitive psychology, as well as a careful examination of several of the world's fairest and most effective school systems. Professor Hirsch has argued that, for the sake of academic excellence, greater fairness, and higher literacy, early schooling should provide a solid, specific, shared core curriculum in order to help children establish strong foundations of knowledge.

Core Knowledge® is based on the idea that elementary and middle school students need a solid, specific, shared core curriculum to help them establish strong foundations of knowledge, create greater fairness, and achieve higher literacy.

This mission is achieved through curricular guidance and materials that are provided at no cost to schools, teachers, and parents.

Currently, hundreds of schools and thousands of dedicated educators are participating in this school reform movement throughout the United States.

Core Knowledge® programs are available at Boulder Creek Elementary School in the following subject areas:

  • Language Arts: to improve reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills
  • History and Geography: to expand knowledge of national and global history, and gain insight into civilizations and cultures around the world
  • Science: to explore engineering, math, physical and earth sciences, and experience the process of scientific inquiry

The Core Knowledge Curriculum is continued at Mountain Trail Middle School.

Use the menu to the left (or above if you are on a phone or tablet) to learn more about various features of the curriculum at Boulder Creek!

AASA Results Info

Your child's AASA (Arizona's Academic Standards Assessment) results will be distributed after school begins in August.  

AASA Results Early Pick-up Information

If parents of grades 3-6 would like their student's result early, a copy will be available for parent pick-up in mid-June at the Paradise Valley Unified School District office located at 15002 N. 32nd Street, Monday through Thursday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please call the Assessment Department at (602) 449-2016 in advance so staff can locate your student's copy. You will need identification verifying your relationship to the student.

Homework Policy

The Governing Board strongly believes that homework is a valuable learning activity.  Among its many benefits are:

  • Skill Development

  • The development of self-discipline, responsibility and wise use of time

  • The opportunity for parents to become involved in and aware of what their children are learning

  • Homework is considered practice and will count for study skills assessment on report cards

Assignment of appropriate homework is encouraged, and the Governing Board will support teachers' efforts to ensure that students do not ignore their assignments. 

Communication between teachers and parents regarding homework is considered essential.  Parents should consult with individual teachers as to the expectations and how parents may help in this effort.  

Homework will not be provided for a one day absence.  If your child will be out additional days due to an illness or an emergency requested homework will be provided.  Every effort will be made to help the student gain a solid understanding of the subject matter upon his/her return to school.